7 Effective Ways To Market And Grow Your Rewards Program

Effectively marketing your rewards program is essential to generating new rewards members. Here are several creative marketing techniques to grow your rewards program.

On-Site Advertising

Crimson Guard Rewards and Long Center Rewards remind students to check-in with their rewards app through strategically placed signage throughout the facilities. Long Center Rewards uses signage, so when someone walks in The Long Center, they have a call to action to engage and be part of the show.

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Over-The-Air Contests

Radio and TV are a great resource to spread the word about your rewards program. CFD Rodeo Rewards announces contests through radio and TV, which helps generate new rewards members. 1500 ESPN Rewards rewards loyal listeners of the station by announcing promo codes during the broadcasts.

Video Board Messages

When students attend basketball games, Crimson Guard Rewards and V-Fan Rewards will play video board messages reminding students that they need to download their rewards apps. An engaging graphic or video will encourage your fans to check-in with the app.

Social Media

Crimson Guard Rewards is also marketed heavily through a rewards Twitter account and other Indiana Athletics social media. The athletic programs tweet out ways students can earn points by attending a team’s event. V-Fan Rewards posts photos of students with V-Fan Rewards prizes when they go to pick them up.

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Event Hosting

Hosting an event that may attract new customers is a great way to generate rewards members. Long Center Rewards hosts outdoor events, like an outdoor movie showing, which introduces large audiences to the program.


Off-Site Advertising

V-Fan Rewards reminds students about the program through promotional material across the campus. TV graphics and posters are displayed across campus near walkways so that every student is aware of V-Fan Rewards.

Campus Rewards Annoucement

Weekly Newsletters

Crimson Guard Rewards and V-Fan Rewards both send out emails to remind students of events and the rewards apps. A weekly email is also an excellent place to post an updated leaderboard and tell students to check-out the rewards website. Learn more about crafting great emails for your rewards program here.

All of these marketing techniques are great ways to create new rewards members and to continue to grow your program. If you are a university program, read this story to learn some creative ways to use your rewards program for academic purposes.