8 Push Notification Messages you Should be Sending to Your Fans

Recently we had a webinar on push notification and beacon best practices. In the video we discuss the how, what, and why of sending push notifications. The end result is these 8 recommendations that you should try today.

1. Welcome Fans on Game Day

Depending on the sport, your fans may arrive hours before the game. Let them know you appreciate them showing up by sending a push notification. The best way to do this is to add beacons to parking lot entrances and tailgate areas. Setup a scheduled beacon trigger (So the message is only sent pre-game) to go off. This way as soon as the fan drives into the parking lot they get greeted!

Bonus points if you sell a sponsor on being included in the message and include extra points for tailgating.

Welcome to tailgate country… see you at the game later. Remember, an ice cold Miller Light makes every tailgate better!

2. Confirm Attendance Points

Everyone wants to know when they earn points. Send a message to fans as soon as they walk through the gates. Fan’s can earn attendance points by scanning a ticket, walking past a beacon, swiping a card on an iPad kiosk or by simply opening your rewards app inside the stadium – make sure they get a message with the new points earned included.

Bonus points for customizing this message for each event!

You just earned 500 points at Alabama Football vs Ole Miss. This is sure to be one heck of a game, #RollTide! Stay late for 100 bonus points

3. Give Your Fans a Case of the Munchies

Sometimes fans need a little nudge, so remind them of the delicious treats your concessions have when they walk by? Place beacons in your stadium hallways outside concessions stands, and send a beacon triggered message when they get close, remind them of that 24″ hotdog, or ice cold Coca Cola.

Bonus points if you sell a vendor on promoting their treats. Example: When fans get up and walk out of section 301, send them this message.

Smell our smoker? Grab a Famous Daves BBQ Brisket sandwich now. Straight ahead to your right under section 301, show this message and get $1 off

4. Stat Updates

With FanMaker’s multichannel attendance you now know who is at your game, and with push notifications you have a direct channel to speak to them. So why not send our important stats during quarter breaks and halftime? It’ll enhance the in game experience, and they’ll thank you for it.

Bonus points if you include a sponsor.

Halftime stats brought to you by Coke Zero: Michaels (RB) has 82yrds and 1 TD, Brown 8/12 with 2 TDs, and Nelson has 2 successful extra point kicks. Off to a great start!

5. Reminder to Stay Late for Bonus Points

Most certainly you’d love your fans to stay as longer, and I’m sure you’d be willing to reward them for that. With your mobile app, GPS, and FanMaker beacons you now know when the fan arrived, and how long they stayed, and when a fan stays past a certain amount of time you can award them bonus points, so send a reminder when you need your fans the most. Setup a delayed message to go out to fans in attendance on your event settings in the admin.

Bonus points for awarding extra points for early arrival too.

Stay another 45 minutes and earn 100 bonus points for staying late. We appreciate your support!

6. The Mascot Speaks!

A great way to create a unique experience with fans is to send a message to everyone when they are very close to your mascot. You can achieve this by placing a low proximity beacon on your mascot and setting up a triggered message, it will feel like Magic!

Bonus points, this can also be done with memorabilia around the stadium, or for creating fun easter eggs for your fans to discover.

Roarrrrr, I see you LSU Fan! – Mike The Tiger

7. Thanks for Coming!

With your rewards mobile app you have a great tool for knowing when fans leave your game, and it’s great to thank them for their time and support. The best way to do this is to use the beacons in your parking lots and send a delayed message about 20-30 minutes after they exit.

Bonus points, you can even send a thank you the next morning, simply by delaying the automatic message even more.

Thank you for coming to Alabama vs. Ole Miss – we really appreciate your support and hope to see you next time

8. It’s Rematch Time

Fans that attend games vs an opponent are much more likely to buy a ticket against that same opponent in the future vs another opponent. Using multichannel attendance you know which fans attended game 1 vs team X. So when it’s getting close to game 2 vs team X look them up and send them a reminder push notification.

Bonus points if you include a discount offer

It’s time again to battle Indiana, as a loyal Sooners fan we know you want to be there! Show your app and receive a ticket for $25.

These are just the basics, you can do even more to target and time push notifications in the FanMaker system, watch the entire webinar for all the details.