FanMaker 3 Coming Soon – All New Desktop Website Experience and More!

Soon we will be releasing an upgrade to FanMaker that is so huge, we gave it a number. FanMaker 3 brings a whole new desktop experience, completely re-imagined and re-programmed from the ground up!

So What’s New?

  • New Welcome Screen and Template System
  • New Registration and Login
  • New Profile Page with Action Feed and Onboarding Prompts
  • New Prize Store
  • New Leaderboard Customizations
  • New Membership Level System
  • Responsive for big and small screens
  • Fast! Tons of improvements behind the scenes
  • Even more to come!

Welcome Screen

The new default welcome screen provides a simple way to pitch your loyalty program to visitors. Images and text are customizable and now your mobile apps are proudly promoted. This is just the start, We’ll be adding more templates in the near future, with video and slideshow support. Also can now create a fully custom layout for your team, talk to your activation coordinator for a quote.



Registration & Login

Login and Registration now have dedicated URLs you can use in your marketing. There is also a customizable promo area, a great place for sponsors or to pitch incentives.



Profile Page & Action Feed

The biggest improvement with FanMaker 3 comes for logged in members who will see an all new interface. The sidebar contains pertinent point totals and connection status while the action feed shows ways to earn points. The action feed is always fresh with events, social media, point opportunities, prizes, surveys, ads, and more. Every member sees a customized action feed based on their previous activities and your preferences. We also prominently display large onboarding graphics for social network and ticketing connections. Members will always know how to earn more points.



Prize Store

The new desktop prize store design reflects the mobile app updates we made recently. Prizes can be filtered by type, and are sortable. Prizes have higher resolution images and the checkout process is streamlined.



Leaderboard Customization

You can build custom leaderboards beyond the standard Top All Time and Top 7 Day options you are used to. A leaderboard can be created for members with a certain tag, or a group leaderboard can pool together points for members with certain tags. A good example would be tagging your students with the dorm they live in, and then having the dorms compete against each other to win a prize.  There are many more options, and we’ll have a dedicated post all about setting them up soon.



Membership Level

Ever wanted to classify your members, or give them a status to work towards? Assign membership levels like “Silver, Gold, Platinum” to members when they earn a certain threshold of points. Once in a level you can add access to special prizes, or exclusive at your events. One pilot client has even had success selling higher levels to members that do not have enough points. Look for a dedicated blog post in the future explaining all the options.



Responsive & Fast

The new desktop design works on a grid system, so no matter how big your screen is, the action feed will fill it from edge to edge. In smaller windows the menu automatically adjusts and provides an optimal experience. On mobile screens members are sent to mobile web app like interface automatically. Fans will always get the ideal website experience.

Version 3 represents a complete re-write of large portions of the FanMaker system which streamlines everything and makes the interface extremely faster. The new system also allows us the flexibility to iterate more often and Q/A more thoroughly. We are excited to take this huge step forward.


We are putting the finishing touches on FanMaker 3 and hope to start trainsitioning sites in May. Your activation coordinator will be in touch once a solid date is determined.