Fanstrike: Turn Your Loyal Fans into Social Ambassadors for your Team

We are pleased to release Fanstrike, an innovative way to get your message out. With Fanstrike you craft a twitter message and members earn points for tweeting it out on their account. So when you have a sale, a schedule release, or great PR, use Fanstrike to leverage members to get the message amplified, fast! It takes just one click to tweet a Fanstrike.


Schedule start and stop times for Fanstrike messages in the admin. Making it easy to schedule out a campaign ahead of time. Members will only be awarded points once for participating and are encouraged to check back for more. Watch the progress of Fanstrike messages through realtime stats on the dashboard.


Add images to your Fantrike messages to make your tweets pop. Fanstrike is available in the admin today, try it out and get your message heard!