Imports Now 10 Times Faster

We have rebuilt our import system from the ground up. It is now up to 10 times faster at processing imports, and is incredibly more reliable. In addition we added feedback on processing status, so you will now see a percentage of completion in addition to queue status for multiple imports. When your imports complete many now have results files available for download that give helpful success/fail messages for each row.


We hope you like the improvements we’ve made, as a reminder here are the types of items that can be imported.

  • NEW! Attendance (upload check ins to events)
  • Create Members (Create new accounts and assign temp passwords)
  • Member Info (Add fields to members like name and id numbers)
  • Tags (For bulk tagging of members)
  • Points (Grant point in bulk to members)
  • POS Locations (Manage naming for POS terminals)
  • SKUS (Manage descriptions for SKUs in bulk)