Increasing Olympic Sport Attendance with Bracketed Points and Bonus Events

University athletic departments are often tasked with increasing attendance at Olympic/non-revenue sporting events. This can be challenging, but FanMaker has solved this problem for many clients throughout the years. From large universities like Florida State to smaller programs like Coastal Carolina, clients have achieved success using bracketed point tables and bonus games.

Mississippi State (MSU) found success increasing Olympic sports attendance through the Hail State Rewards program. MSU encourages fans to come to games by making events, like track & field, golf and tennis worth more points than revenue sports like football.

We definitely have seen an increase in attendance in our Olympic sports or our non-revenue sports because people [now] see the value in going to those.Rhett Hobart, Assistant Director of Marketing MSU

Bracketing Attendance Points

Hail State Rewards uses a bracketed point structure to give more points to Olympic sports vs revenue generating sports. A fan earns 100 points for football and basketball, 200 points for a tennis game and 250 points for golf. Giving more points to fans that come out to Olympic sports is an extra incentive that moves the needle.

[Hail State Rewards] is good for us because we are driving attendance, it’s good for our coaches and student athletes because they are seeing more students at their events and it’s good for the students because they can earn more points for coming out to a non-revenue or Olympic sport.Rhett Hobart, Assistant Director of Marketing MSU

Double Point Bonus Games

Hail State Rewards also gives bonus attendance points for games that they want to attract more fans too, like a rivalry game, when recruits are in town, or when the team needs extra support for a matchup. Double points are offered for games against Ole Miss, and occasionally even triple points are available for Olympic games. MSU utilizes push notifications, emails, the Hail State app and the official rewards Twitter account to notify rewards members of these events.

Stay Late Bonuses

In addition to getting bonus points for attending the special games, fans also earn extra points for staying late or arriving early. Hail State Rewards allows fans to earn 75 more points if they stay long enough at Olympic sports. MSU can customize the length of time a fan has to stay until for each individual game.

With these great incentives for fans, Hail State Rewards is creating a demand for MSU’s Olympic sporting events. MSU changes fan behavior through Hail State Rewards’ bracketed point structure and drives attendance to Olympic sporting events as a result.

In all accounts for us, I think students have been pleased with it, I know we have been pleased with it, and [using the staggered and double points system] is definitely a plan we expect to continue to use going forward.Rhett Hobart, Assistant Director of Marketing MSU