Membership Levels – New in FanMaker 3!

The new membership levels feature automatically ranks and groups fans into different levels of status. Setup levels at various point thresholds and fans will be automatically assigned when they qualify. Levels have names and colors you choose and there is no limit to the quantity. A member’s rank and level is re-evaluated every time they earn points, and even falls when points expire and a threshold is no longer met.

level profile

Similar to frequent flyer miles, membership levels give your fans something to work towards, and gives you more promotion and segmentation options. For example, you can offer certain benefits, or discounts exclusive to higher levels. A simple graph, like the one shown below, displays current status and level structure.


Level Assignment

Top levels can be earned or purchased for an added revenue stream. Use the member profile settings to assign upgrades that automatically expire.

level assignment

Filtering by Membership Level

Levels are also great for segmenting your users and targeting your marketing. When active, the member’s status will be displayed on reports, and member lists can be filtered by levels in the admin. The prize store can now also filter by membership level, so that you can create tons of exclusive prizes for the most loyal fans.

member list


Levels on Mobile

Membership level is also fully mobile, making it easy for on-the-spot promotions. For example, flash your Gold membership and get field access after the game.


Membership levels are an additional way to drive fan behavior and give your fans the benefits they want. To level up your rewards program contact your activation coordinator for the next steps today.