New! Add an Image, Buy Tickets Link, and Promotional Details to Events

As part of our 3.2 Mobile app update we focused on giving teams more options for event promotion. You now have the option to add an image, text details, and even let fans buy tickets within the app. Here’s what this new feature looks like in action.



All of these optional items are available under the event details section of each events settings.

Adding an Imageevent-details-admin

If you’d like to add an image, simply upload a 750px x 375px jpg, png, or gif (not animated). This size is the same aspect ratio (2:1) as twitter, so you can repurpose content you are already creating for upcoming events. It will be displayed in the new expanded event view, which is automatically visible for the next upcoming event, or available when the member taps an event in the list view.

In App Ticket Purchases

If you have tickets for sale, make sure to add the URL to the event details in the admin to make a Buy Tickets button appear. Members can then click the link to purchase tickets within the app. This is a great way to share member only ticket offers, or day-of specials for tailgaters. Once the event starts the buttons automatically disappears.

Text Details

Sometimes there is more to say about an event than you can fit in the title. You may have a special promotion going on, a giveaway, something to celebrate, or helpful logistical instructions to share. You can now add text to an event in the admin and have it displayed in the mobile app. This text block even supports links, simply highlight the text you want to be a link, click the share icon in the toolbar and paste in your URL. You can change the links and text and any time.

Available in 3.2

The new event detail settings are available in the admin now, and will start showing in the mobile app when 3.2 is approved by Apple sometime in the coming days. Get ready by adding event details to your upcoming events today!