New Event Calendar View and Member Delete Functions

We are in the process of major event/attendance system updates and will be trickling out small user interface improvements as a part of it. This week we updated the schedule admin with a calendar view, which should make managing your schedule even easier.



On the event schedule page you can now also manage your venue details by clicking on venues in the sub-navigation. This includes a handy map and editing of the venue name as well as its GPS location. You can use this to tweak the center point of your check in radius.

venue map


Lastly we added a much requested feature – member removal, you can now remove a member from your program. This will remove any record of their account and disconnect their social media accounts. Deleting a member is not reversible, so please use this feature carefully. You can find this new button while on a members profile page in the admin under “manage”. Keep in mind if you have registration open, a removed member can re-sign up with the same email address and participate again, but they will start at zero