New Mobile Apps – Version 3.0 is coming

The majority of our clients have seen 60% of user traffic coming from the custom mobile apps we provide. Armed with this information, we’ve spent the last few months focusing on a brand new mobile app experience. We’ve updated every part of the design as well as the background technology to create a better user experience.

Introducing version 3.0 of the FanMaker Apps…

New Header and MenuLogo and Menu

The header now supports a custom graphic background and larger logo. Both provide more branding flexibility and look great! We’ve also developed a new menu system that matches the iOS9 and modern Android looks. In the future it will even be scrollable and fit additional menu items.

appinphone-activityNew Activity Feed

A big addition to the version 3.0 app is the activity feed. This area shows the most recent activities a member has done to earn points, including attendance, purchase, social media activity and even prize redemptions. A transparent statement of a members account.


Events Feed

We’ve greatly improved the events view in the new apps. Here you will find current and upcoming events along with their point values and early arrival instructions. Bonus events are specially marked with your brand color. Checking in to an event is even easier than before as the app now automatically checks member’s GPS location in the background. If you have passed a beacon or are within the geofence area for an ongoing event, you’ll be checked in automatically! The app then sends a custom attendance message via push notification alerting the member of a successful check-in.


New Prize Store

The prize store is completely revamped in version 3.0. The layout is fresh and easy to navigate even when there are lots of prizes. Contests and auctions are now included and have pronounced countdown times. Prize photos are now high-res and look incredibly sharp on any device. We’ve also added the most requested feature we’ve ever had…. drum roll…..


Purchase Prizes, Enter Contests, and Bid on Auctions in App!

Not only can members view the details on prizes they can now actually buy them! This includes the ability to enter contests and place auction bids. You can even run real time contests during events and pick winners before the game ends. (ex. Win a chance to ask coach a question at the press conference after the game, or upgrade your seat). We couldn’t be more excited to offer this feature.


Points Table

Members can now see a clear list of all the ways they can earn points. The new list is ordered by greatest to smallest number of points, and you can now include custom items like season ticket renewals and third party items.

Launch Timeline

We’ve been working on the new app for several months, and we’re on schedule to deliver it to all clients this summer. Here are the expected launch phases:

  1. One of our clients will launch the new app next week, this will serve as a real world test, and we’ll patch any bugs that surface
  2. At the end of July, we’ll update everyone’s graphics for the new format and provide instructions for anyone who wishes to do the design themselves
  3. In the beginning of August we will submit the app updates to Apple. This process usually take 1-2 weeks for approval
  4. While we wait for approval from Apple, we will get the Android apps submitted to the Google Play Store. They do not require approval to go live
  5. In late august we will launch an update to the mobile web version of FanMaker that will match the look of the new apps