New Survey System Helps Gather Valuable Feedback From Fans – Now On Desktop and Mobile Web

You can now build targeted surveys, and reward members for filling them out. Members use the mobile app or the new desktop website version, they are presented with one question at a time – We call them Micro Surveys, and they are a valuable tool for gathering fan feedback. You can even target your questions to groups of people using tags. Here is what the new desktop version looks like:

desktop survey

And here is what they look like in the mobile apps, and on mobile web:


FanMaker micro surveys

When members answer the questions, the results flow into a new dashboard. You can see the response rate and effectiveness for each survey, and even drill down to each question’s results. Demographic questions are mapped directly into the fanmaker system, and your custom question results are downloadable at any time.

survey results
Survey’s can be limited to people with a certain tag (ex. Season Ticket Holders, Student) and/or by a particular time window (during a game).

If a member has unanswered questions a micro survey question is shown in the mobile app once every 4 hours. However if you want to allow fans to answer faster you can turn on “Boost” and there will be no limit. the 4 hour default is adjustable in the general settings of the FanMaker admin.

micro survey questions

Now, how do you setup a survey? We’ve already created a demographic survey in your account that asks the basic questions you’ll want.The survey is set to “inactive”, please go in, confirm the point reward amount (5pts), and and make it active when you are ready to get started.

To create a new survey (group of questions) click “+ new micro survey”, specify a name for the survey, set the default number of points per answer (you can change this on a  question-by-question basis), choose a start and stop time, and add a description. Turn on “Response Boost” if you’d like members to answer questions at a quicker pace. This can be turned off at any time.

new survey

Once you have your survey setup, start adding questions to it. There are 3 types of questions:

  • Free Text Question: Members can type in any answer they want, up to 250 characters
  • Multiple Choice: Members will choose an answer from a drop down menu
  • Rating: Members choose 1-5 stars, each star has a description

If you want to add a question that only applies to a smaller subset of your members, you can choose to restrict the question by adding a whitelist of tags. Only members with these tags will see the question.

survey tags


download responsesNow you can kick back and watch the answers roll in on the micro survey dashboard. To get a report of the answers, navigate to the survey and click to “download responses” button.

The micro survey feature is available NOW in your admin and in your mobile app if you are on version 2.1 or greater. Contact us if you need any help setting things up.