New Tool for Merging Member Accounts

We’ve added a new member merge tool that lets you combine two accounts into one and maintain point activity and attendance details. Perfect for cleaning up duplicate accounts for your customers. It’s easy to use:

  1. Locate the member you want to KEEP and visit their profile in the admin
  2. Click on “Manage” and locate the Merge module
  3. Using the merge tool search for the member you want to merge with
  4. Click merge to delete the selected account and transfer the point history into the account you keep



In this example, all the points and details from were moved to and was deleted.

merge history

We hope you enjoy this top requested feature, but do be careful. Mergers cannot be undone, and remember one account is destroyed forever. For your record keeping a history of all mergers is included on the manage page.

Select another member’s account to merge with this member. The selected member will be deleted after the point activities, attributes, and IDs are merged. The account will be kept. If an ID number or attribute already exists on account, it will not be overwritten with the selected members data. All possible data will be merged, merging CANNOT be undone, so please use carefully.