Reports Now Run up to 20 Times Faster Plus Custom Columns and Email Delivery

We’ve been busy over the holidays improving some of the background aspects of FanMaker and I’m happy to share with you today the complete re-write of the export/reports system! In the past large exports of 50,000+ members would take tens of hours. NO MORE! The new system can churn through millions and millions of rows of data in minutes, not hours! For example a 100,000 member export (with all activity details) involving the merging of gigabytes of data can be complete in under 100 minutes!

Progress report


No more waiting, and checking back on your reports. When your export finishes you will receive an email with an expiring link to file. Past reports are always visible in the admin.


admin email

When building your reports you can customize what columns are included, adding just the data you need or select all to include the kitchen sink!

Select Columns

And when you using the “Download” button on any member list view the same powerful new system will run your export fast and with custom columns.

customize columns