Western Sydney Wanderer FC use Real-time Polling to Engage With Fans on Match Day

The Western Sydney Wanderer FC (WSW) is using in-game voting to determine the Man of the Match through the rewards program WSW Rewards. By using WSW Rewards, Wanderers Members (season-ticket holders) feel valued and are rewarded for voting for the Man of the Match.


Wanderers set up voting for the Man of the Match before every game through WSW Rewards. The voting takes place in the form of a Micro Survey that every WSW Rewards member can access via the WSW Rewards app.

[Before WSW Rewards], we never had Man of The Match voting. [Now] all Members feel more valued [because] they contribute to the Man of The Match.Nicholas Cakovski, WSW Member Relations Coordinator

Members vote between the last ten minutes of the game to midday the next Monday. The Western Sydney Wanderer FC announce the beginning of the voting period over the speakers and on the big screen at the stadium.

The Micro Survey is an easy and stress-free way for the club to reward all Members. This gives us an insight into what our Members are thinking and which players they enjoy watching.Nicholas Cakovski, WSW Member Relations Coordinator

The Man of the Match Micro Survey also benefits participating Members by rewarding them points through their WSW Rewards account. WSW Rewards allows Members to use those points to redeem prizes and enter contests for exclusive merchandise and post-game experiences. Rewards members also earn points by checking in with the WSW Rewards app when they attend matches.

Lastly, WSW Rewards members also receive a special jersey offer for voting for the Man of the Match. These limited time jersey offers are available to all Members to purchase for the next week after voting closes.

Therefore, Man of the Match voting is an excellent way to reward Members with points and exclusive merchandise offers after every match.Nicholas Cakovski, WSW Member Relations Coordinator

In summary, WSW Rewards help Members engage with the Wanderers through the in-game Man of the Match voting. Through the Man of the Match Micro Survey, Wanderers members get an exclusive opportunity to vote for their favorite player while receiving points and special jersey offers.