Track How Long Fans Stay and Award Stay Late Bonus Points

As part of FanMaker’s powerful new multichannel attendance system you can now track and award fans like never before:

  • Know what time fan’s arrive via GPS, beacon, ticket scan, and iPad Kiosk (API)
  • Send a welcome push notification with or without beacons NEW!
  • Award early arrival points for coming at least XXmin early
  • Measure how many minutes fans stay, and use for loyalty ranking NEW!
  • Award points for staying at least XXmin NEW!

example log

Setting up early and stay late bonuses is incredibly easy, you’ll find this setting on each event your create or edit:

time bonuses


When the stay late bonus time passes fans who are already marked as attended will get an updated point total for the event that includes the stay late bonus in their activity feed. Using early arrival and stay late bonuses you can shape the way your fans attend your games. Boosting your bottom line and improving the in game experience by keeping butts in seats!