Client Spotlight: Nissan Motorsport Australia Paid Membership

One of our newest Australian clients is doing some exciting things with the FanMaker platform. In addition to offering free rewards memberships, Nissan NISMO Rewards is selling premium memberships that include extra perks and special prizes. Nissan used our registration and point awarding APIs to integrate FanMaker into the checkout process. Once paid members pay they are tagged automatically, and exclusive prizes in the store are set to only show to those paid members. Well over 300 people have paid for a membership in the first weeks of the program! Would a paid tier work in your rewards program?

Nissan also produced the excellent video above to explain the program to fans. A video like this is a great way to inform fans of the ins and outs of your loyalty program. You can produce one in house, or FanMaker Creative can always help.

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