Cultivate Lifelong Brand Loyalty with FanMaker Kids Clubs

Kids Club Management and Engagement Solution

In today’s competitive landscape, securing loyal, engaged customers from a young age is crucial. FanMaker Kids Clubs provide a strategic solution, igniting a passion for your brand and fostering deep engagement from childhood. We empower parents to cultivate this loyalty for their children through a comprehensive membership program built on:

Drive Effortless Retention & Revenue Growth:

  • Effortless Retention: Achieve sustainable growth and predictable revenue with 60% families opting for auto-renewal, minimizing churn and maximizing ROI. Spend your time marketing to the next family, not renewing the last.
  • Compelling Engagement Incentives: Motivate with punch cards, points, and a rewarding prize store featuring coveted items like jerseys, meet-and-greets, and exclusive merchandise.
  • Partner Power: Leverage dedicated sponsor maps and targeted offers to drive foot traffic and sales with your partners locations with exclusive discounts, digital coupons, awarding points and even gift cards for Kids Club members.
  • Pageturning Points & Prizes: Each child can build their book library and earn points for every book they read, keeping kids engaged and reading year-round.

Streamline Operations & Maximize Efficiency:

  • Automated Rewards & Recognition: Eliminate manual point management and automatically reward attendance, reading, and other desired behaviors.
  • Seamless Prize Fulfillment: Offer convenient in-person pickup or hassle-free shipping of prize packages, making parent interaction smooth and efficient.
  • Targeted Communication: Keep members informed and excited with push notifications and email newsletters promoting relevant events, offers, and updates, ensuring families stay engaged.
  • Kiosk Convenience: Simplify registration, in-stadium payments, and check-in with user-friendly iPad-based kiosks, improving the experience for both families and staff.
  • Custom Membership Levels: Create membership levels which can be earned through attendance or purchase including a free membership level, and provide different benefits or membership kits depending on the child’s membership level.

Your Success is Our Priority:

  • Dedicated Support Team: Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, from initial launch to ongoing optimization and growth.
  • Scalable & Adaptable Platform: FanMaker adapts to your needs, whether you’re a small organization or a global brand, ensuring continuous growth and impact.
  • 100% Revenue Retention: Maintain full control over your program’s financial success. All revenue generated by your Kids Club remains yours.

Additional Features:

  • Secure Stripe integration for convenient and reliable payment processing.
  • Leaderboards to foster friendly competition and boost engagement further.
  • Geo-fenced partner offers for targeted promotions with tangible value.
  • Comprehensive view and redemption tracking for complete transparency and control.
  • SDK integrations enable you to integrate your Kids Club program into your primary app.
  • Bluetooth Beacons allow you to see when fans enter/exit the stadium and offer exclusive rewards.

If you are ready to invest in your future fan base and unlock sustainable growth, then let’s work together to cultivate a thriving community of loyal, engaged customers for your brand.

Choose FanMaker Kids Clubs and cultivate loyal brand advocates from the ground up.

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