How The Invite A Friend Feature Has Grown SW Transit Rewards

SW Transit, an award-winning transit agency, has created new SW Transit Rewards members using the program’s Invite a Friend feature. In fact, 11% of members have joined SW Transit Rewards after receiving an invite from a friend.

SW Transit Rewards members invited a friend by going to and clicking the invite a friend icon on the homepage. There a member could add the email of their friend, which sends them an email with a link to join SW Transit Rewards.


If a friend decided to join, then the existing member would get 150 points for inviting that friend. A member could invite a friend a day, so they could continue to earn points daily.

SW Transit Rewards members also earn points by checking-in at the station before riding an SW Transit bus. Members can then use the points they have received from check-ins and invites to redeem cool prizes like Minnesota Twins tickets, gift cards and a free ride with SW Transit’s shared ride program SW Prime.


Overall, the Invite a Friend feature has been an excellent way to incentivize existing members to get their friends to join SW Transit Rewards. Invite a Friend has helped both current members earn points, and SW Transit Rewards generate new customers.

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