Mississippi State Kiosk for Attendance and Registration Using the FanMaker API

Over the past year we’ve developed a very powerful API that lets you easily integrate your FanMaker loyalty program with third parties, and enables all kinds of custom campaigns. Mississippi State came to us wanting to integrate their existing student ID cards with the goal of enabling registration, FERPA compliance, and attendance check ins. The Bulldogs had already already purchased an iPad based kiosk system, so the natural solution was to use our API to build a custom interface for the iPads, and after a few weeks the Hail State Rewards Kiosk was born.

Students simply swipe their ID card, and if they already have a rewards account they are quickly checked in for attendance points. Upon success a custom message can be displayed including dynamic content like number of points earned, and total point balance.

If the student doesn’t not have an account they can register directly on the iPad kiosk including acceptance of the FERPA terms and conditions.


Setup is a breeze for admins, they just enter a PIN and then pick from a short list of events happening today. When the attendance check in time window is expires the Kiosk resets.


Look for the Hail State Kiosk at Mississippi State events this fall! If you’ve got a special campaign or third party you’d like to integrate with let us know today. Using the FanMaker API developers can:

  • register new members
  • add points to members accounts
  • look up point totals
  • get a list of upcoming events
  • check members into an event
  • look up member details like social network handles
  • Export member details, latest activites, latest purchases, attendance and beacon data to a data warehouse or CRM.
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