4 Ways ESPN Radio and Others Use Promo Codes

Many organizations are using promo codes with FanMaker’s reward system to engage fans across multiple platforms. Here are some ways you can utilize promo codes within your rewards programs.

1. Listen and Win Codes

ESPN 1500, a long-running radio station, uses a promo code system to maintain loyal listeners by giving them extra bonuses for tuning into their shows. ESPN 1500 releases a promo code every couple hours on their show that fans enter into the ESPN 1500 Reward Zone. After entering the promo code fans can earn points to enter contests, like for a $100 Hotel.com gift card, or to redeem various cool prizes.


By using a rewards program, ESPN 1500 is able to provide advertisers direct data on how many people are listening and IDing those individuals. When combined with other listening statistics this valuable information helps validate sponsorships and ad placements on ESPN 1500.

2. TV promotions

In addition to radio, sports teams can utilize promo codes on TV when the team is on the road. The Minnesota Wild use codes during all Fox Sports broadcasts of away games to award season ticket holders that tune in.


3. In-game promotions

Promo codes can also be used during games by posting codes on the big screen or by announcing them during a break. In-game codes help promote your rewards program and give fans additional points for coming out to games.

4. Social Media

Additionally, you can use promo codes on social media. By including a code on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts you give fans more points for engaging with your social media accounts.


These tips represent unique and creative ways that you can use promo codes with your rewards program to create new methods of interacting and engaging with your fans.

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