Cleveland Browns “Barking Backers” Dog Fan Club Now Powered by FanMaker

Cleveland Browns Barking Backers

We’re excited to launch our first pet affinity program, Barking Backers – the official dog fan club of the Cleveland Browns. 

Browns fans can register their dog to Barking Backers with both free and paid membership options.

The Premium membership a swag box the dogs are absolutely loving! So much so the Browns have put together a website of videos showing their Barking Backers receiving their swag boxes. Barking Backers Unboxing

Effortless Program Management & Fulfillment with BDA Sports

FanMaker and BDA Sports, the leader in sports activation, have partnered to make managing a program like this completely turnkey. FanMaker automatically transmits kit orders to BDA where the kits are manufactured, packaged and automatically shipped. Fan’s even receive tracking emails without any effort from the team. FanMaker affinity programs with BDA Sports are a fully automated experience saving hundreds of man hours for team staff while rewarding fans with reliable membership payment processing and fast delivery.

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