Punch Your Way to Prizes

Streak punch cards

FanMaker’s Game Changer for Attendance Streaks

Say Goodbye to Empty Seats!

FanMaker’s Punch Cards incentivize attendance with bonus points and exciting prizes, tracked effortlessly through our powerful system. Plus, they fuel loyalty by rewarding attendance streaks, so those hard-to-fill events become fan favorites.

Punch Cards – What They Do:

  • Unlock Rewards: Points, prizes and sweepstakes
  • Hidden Treasures: Create exclusive, Punch Card-only prizes hidden from the main prize store.
  • Boost Engagement: Punch Cards work across the board:
    • College: Fill up those stands during non-conference or Olympic sporting events!
    • Pros: Preseason or your “off-peak” season? No problem, bring it on!
    • Beyond Sports: Tailgates, pep rallies and more – Punch Cards keep fans coming back!
    • Visit a Sponsor – visit five times to a participating location and get a unique reward!

Texas A&M Success Story

Texas A&M (12th Man Rewards) took FanMaker’s Punch Cards to the next level! They saw stellar results for specific sports like Tennis (1000+ punches) and Women’s Soccer (2500+ punches). The exclusive Soccer Scarf, earned by attending three Soccer matches, was a fan favorite!

Also, during the busy holiday season, they launched a “Holiday Hoops” Punch Card for Men’s and Women’s Basketball. The unique Hawaiian shirt reward, cleverly promoted via email and social media, drove attendance through the roof! Over 7000+ punches, 2300+ participants, and 1100+ completed cards proved that Punch Cards are a powerful attendance booster.

“The punch card feature within FanMaker has been a major success and key to driving attendance while increasing our member engagement. It allows us to offer premium giveaways that require fans to attend multiple events throughout the season. We look forward to maximizing the potential of the feature to grow our membership.”

Nic Hutcheson, Marketing Assistant, Texas A&M
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