FanMaker’s Automated Notifications

Automated Birthday emails and points

Say “Happy Birthday!” Without the Hassle

Birthdays are precious moments for fan connection, but remembering them all can be a juggling act. FanMaker’s automated birthday engagement email removes the burden, ensuring your biggest supporters feel celebrated.

Seamless Automation: No more calendar reminders or missed milestones. Our advanced platform takes care of everything, sending personalized birthday emails without a single click.

Loyalty Boosters: Birthday points are automatically awarded to your fans, a simple yet effective way to show appreciation and incentivize further engagement.

Elevate with Sponsors: Utilize your sponsors and partners to offer your fans irresistible birthday deals. From free treats to discounted merchandise, these offers delight your audience and foster valuable partnerships

Personalized Touches: Go beyond generic greetings. FanMaker empowers you to craft unique messages with images making each birthday email truly special.

Deepen the Connection: Birthdays are an opportunity to forge lasting bonds. Our platform helps you showcase genuine appreciation, fostering loyalty and creating a community of dedicated fans who feel truly valued.

Effortless Engagement, Elevated Experiences: FanMaker’s automated birthday email streamlines the process while amplifying your personal touch. Say goodbye to birthday blunders and hello to effortless engagement that ignites loyalty.

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