Baylor Bold Weekend Scores Big: Increased App Usage, Attendance and New Sign-Ups

Baylor Bold Rewards demonstrated an innovative fan engagement strategy by driving participation, excitement and attention to their spring and winter sports by hosting an annual “Baylor Bold Weekend”. Fans loved that every event was worth double the amount of points than normal and that by attending at least five events they were entered to win unique prizes through using the Punch Card feature.

Baylor saw incredible participation for the weekend:

  • 129,740 points distributed on check-ins
  • 12,090 points distributed on CrowdCameo
  • 3,367 responses on Trivia questions
  • 49 new sign-ups for the app

“This kind of cross promotion helps us have united messaging and encourages fans to attend and support all of our home teams that weekend. Our app usage spiked during Baylor Bold Weekend, and we had many fans collect over 1,000 points in that single weekend.”

Cody Soto,  Director of Social Media & Digital Engagement

Baylor utilized the push notification feature to alert fans to check-in at the events and to remind them that they were double point events. Also, fans could earn additional points by playing trivia during each event.

Fans were thrilled the weekend was back… they were quite excited to earn double the points, especially when they were hoping to cash in for some prizes already.


Baylor Bold Weekend was marketed through their website, a radio interview previewing the weekend, digital email marketing, social media and push notifications. Each of their participating team’s social media accounts also shared promotional information and added their own promotions to the weekend. For example, the softball team donated three team autographed balls to be given away at games throughout the weekend.

Overall, Baylor found tremendous success with Baylor Bold Weekend.

“We definitely have found Baylor Bold Weekend to be a great digital engagement piece during the season, especially during a busy spring season. We will definitely learn from this year and keep building it up to get bigger and bigger.”

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