Foster Fan Engagement and Unlock Insights with Stories

Stories is a dynamic tool to engage and cultivate deeper connections with your fans through interactive:

  • Content Stories:
    • Craft informative visual stories, similar to Instagram, using a combination of text, images, and media. 
    • Share essential information like parking details, upcoming promotions, dates available for prize pickup or use this as another place for your fans to view the content you’re putting out on  your social channels. 
    • Embed links to external websites like landing pages for ticket sales, merchandise or other relevant content.
  • Trivia Stories: 
    • Inject excitement and friendly competition by awarding loyalty points with interactive trivia questions. 
    • Display a trivia question on the big screen to boost in-game engagement with your program or host regular “Trivia Tuesdays” during the offseason or non-event days to maintain fan interest throughout the year.
  • Poll Stories:
    • Gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and opinions through interactive polls: “what song should we play next” or “who was the player of the game?” for instance.
    • Utilize questions like “were the bathrooms clean today” or “did you enjoy your game day experience” to gauge fan sentiment or provide an opportunity to gain valuable insight for sponsors and partners, i.e “what’s your favorite brand of athletic wear” or “where do you shop for groceries”. 
  • Live Video Stories:
    • Take fan engagement to the next level with live video streams directly within the app using YouTube Live.
    • Offer exclusive content like live Q&A sessions with coaches, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or even live event broadcasts, further enriching the fan experience.

Tailored Experiences for Targeted Segments:

Leverage segmentation to deliver personalized stories with specific audience groups. Promote student discounts and exclusive offers directly to students or engage season ticket holders with helpful polls (“are you excited for next season” or “are you planning to renew”). 

Maintaining Control and Flexibility:

Stories empower you to tailor the content experience for your audience. Control the duration of story visibility, allowing you to showcase ongoing information for weeks or offer exclusive content only accessible to event attendees.


  • Increase fan engagement through interactive and diverse content formats.
  • Offer exclusive content and promotions to incentivize app usage.
  • Gain valuable data through polls and trivia participation.
  • Enhance sponsor integrations with targeted polls and content.

Stories foster deeper connections with your fans and unlock data-driven insights to elevate your overall fan engagement strategy.

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