Partner Offers and Discounts

This is a big one…

Offers is a flexible new app feature that allows you to present member only deals and discounts from your sponsors and partners.

Highlights include:

  • Limited time and limited quantity offers
  • Segment which fans can see certain offers, even sell access to select deals!
  • Apply a cooling off period between redemptions (Once a day, week, month, year)
  • Fleixible redemption instructions for cashiers (promo codes, QR, barcodes, or text details). Which allows offers to work with any partner
  • Optionally require a fan be in a certain geo-fence to redeem
  • Impressions dashboard and redemption dashboard
  • Detailed redemption data that can be shared with partners
  • Promoted throughout app
  • Available to all clients in version 9.7.1
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